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Meteor is an educational tool kit created by Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders to introduce students in grade 6 and up to humanitarian work and the situations Doctors Without Borders teams face. Students can use role play to put themselves in the shoes of a team member (doctor, nurse, logistician, etc.) and respond to different emergency situations such as armed conflict or natural disasters.

Teachers' Guide Workbook
Crisis Cards Job Function Cards
Job Stickers Poster
Workbook Answers   

Additional Resources:

Welcome to MSF

Un jour se serais MSF (French only)

Cléry and Valentine, both 11 years old, dream of one day working with Doctors Without Borders. They introduce students to the backstage of the organization, the heart of all urgent medical aid. The video (French only) was produced by MSF Belgium in 2009.

Eyes Shut

First mission (French only)

The film follows a young doctor, surgeon, nurse and logistician on their first mission to Haiti.

Videos about different job profiles:

Frans Blom, Financial Coordinator

Sabine Haller, Doctor in South Sudan

Diana Nicholson, Water and Sanitation Specialist

Eve Charbonneau, Nurse in Democratic Republic of Congo

Aruna Lumeh, Health promoter in Sierra Leone

Christelle Crot, Logistician in South Sudan

Some of our postersvideos and books may be useful to prepare your lessons. 


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