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Our Team

Board of Directors


Association Coordination

  • Jetske Duintjer: National Association Coordinator
  • Kate Badana: National Association Coordinator
  • Anica Lanzi: Association Communications Intern
  • Marko de Guzman: Association Outreach Intern

Executive Director's Office

  • Joseph Belliveau: Executive Director 
  • Grant Assenheimer: Deputy Director
  • Kate Badana: Executive Coordinator & Special Projects Facilitator
  • Jason Nickerson: Humanitarian Affairs Advisor
  • Carol Devine: Humanitarian Affairs Advisor
  • Emmanuel Guillaud: TIC Lead
  • Ruby Syal: TIC Secretariat Coordinator
  • Sarah Lamb: SIMM Project Manager



  • Isabelle Jeanson: Director of Communications
  • Claudia Blume: Press Officer
  • Michael Lawson: Communications Officer – Publications
  • Marie J. Rancourt: Communications Officer – Translation
  • Idriss Lomba: Communications Officer – Bilingual
  • Wayne Leung: Digital Communications Officer
  • Arndell LeBlanc: Digital Communications Specialist 
  • Tricia Khan: Events Officer


Finance, ICT and Administration 

  • Lalit Kumar Varma: Director of Finance, ICT and Administration
  • Amélie Léger: Administration Coordinator
  • Tahina Torres: HR/Administration Coordinator - Montreal
  • Fazal Karim: Finance Unit Manager
  • Karima Akrami: Payroll and Finance Administraton
  • Vesna Babic: Accounts Payable Administrator 
  • Jason Orchard: ICT Manager
  • Richard Loosemore: ICT Support Specialist
  • Faryn Stern: Database Administrator



  • Debbie Drewett: Director of Fundraising
  • Laurel Maule: Principal Gifts Program Manager
  • Emily Harris: Donor Engagement Officer
  • Cameron Becker: Donor Engagement Officer
  • Samuel Thomson: Donor Engagement Officer
  • Chloe Grande: Principal Gifts Coordinator
  • Antranik Tchalekian: Prospect Researcher
  • Joanne Giannakopoulos: Senior Manager of Direct Marketing and Donor Engagement
  • Chelsea Lloyd: Direct Marketing Coordinator
  • Vivienne Chartrand: Annual Giving Coordinator
  • Sarah May: Planned Giving Coordinator
  • Kevin Hill: Digital Marketing Officer
  • Nara Nadesan: Digital Marketing Assistant
  • Sarah Weaver: Donor Relations Manager
  • Jessica Myers: Donor Relations Representative
  • Margaux Durand: Donor Relations Representative


Human Resources 

  • Tiffany Moore: Human Resources Director
  • Owen Campbell: Field HR Manager - Recruitment
  • Christophe Lefebvre: Field HR Manager - Placement
  • Marilyne Bouchard: Recruitment Officer
  • Francis Pinault: Recruitment Officer
  • Karel Janssens: Recruitment Officer
  • Catheryne Gagnon: Field HR Administrator - Outreach
  • Sebastien Gaudette: Field HR Officer
  • Joel Teurtrie: Field HR Officer
  • Emilie Rignol: Field HR Officer
  • Patrick McConnell: Field HR Officer 
  • Aude Jeannot: Field HR Officer
  • Myriam Loiselle: Field HR Administrator – Placement
  • Danielle Ouellette: HR Administrator
  • Gail Toca: Field HR Intern
  • Afnan Saeed: HR Admin Officer
  • Kathy Mahinpou: HQ HR Officer
  • Susan St Marseille: HR Assistant
  • Hannah Dawson: HQ-HR Intern


Program Unit 

  • Bart Witteveen: Director of Programs
  • Fabien Schneider: Program Unit Manager
  • Kathryn Morgan: Program Unit Coordinator
  • Dominique Giguère: Head of Learning Services
  • Arran Svadjian: E-Learning Developer and Programmer  
  • Arnab Majumdar: E-Learning Services Officer
  • Fareeha Khizar: Telemedicine Services Manager
  • Yogesh Jha: Telemedicine Services Implementation Officer
  • Tiffany Chiang: Teleservice/Project Coordinator
  • Ruth Moreno: Program Unit Coordination Support