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Resources for extended French and French immersion

Mirlanda, une jeune fille Haïtienne

These two worksheets are based on the story of Mirlanda, a young girl who survived the earthquake in Haiti in 2010. They comprise reading texts, comprehension activities and vocabulary practice. They can be used independently, or as preparation work before watching the below video, Mirlanda.

Josie, infirmière chez MSF

These three student worksheets are based on interviews with Josie, an English nurse, who set up a temporary children’s hospital after the earthquake in Haiti. Each interview is followed by vocabulary practice and questions in English.

Student Worksheet A

This covers Josie’s decision to work for MSF and her impressions of Haïti, shortly after the earthquake in 2010. Click on the image to download the worksheet.

Student Worksheet B

Josie explains how she and a doctor colleague went about setting up the temporary children’s hospital. This included renting a building, ordering equipment and supplies and recruiting staff. Click on the image to download the worksheet.

Student Worksheet C 

Josie describes a typical day working in the children’s hospital and how she relaxed outside work. Click on the image to download the worksheet.

MSF en affiches

This series of posters in French illustrates aspects of the work of MSF, such as the use of an inflatable field tent, treatment of malnutrition and the transport of vaccines to the field. Each poster is accompanied by comprehension activities for students.

MSF En Affiches