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Stocks and Securities

Invest in Saving Lives

Donations of publicly listed stocks, shares or securities are an efficient and cost-effective way to help MSF provide life-saving medical care to people around the world.

How to donate stocks and securities

  1. Contact your broker to initiate the transfer of shares

  2. Download and complete this transfer form

  3. Send the transfer form to Rhona.Rahmani@msf.ca

What you need to know

When you make a donation of stocks and shares directly to MSF, your taxable gains are eliminated.  MSF will issue a charitable tax receipt to you for the total value of the gift transferred. There are multiple options – you can donate stocks, bonds and units of mutual funds. If you leave shares, stocks or securities to MSF through your will, your estate will receive the same tax benefits.

Example: Ms. Tremblay is considering a $10,000 donation to MSF and has sufficient net income to claim the full amount that year. Her assets include $10,000 worth of shares from a publicly listed corporation that she had previously purchased for $1,000. She has the highest tax bracket in Ontario of 49.53%. She has two options:


Sell $10,000 shares and donate cash

Donate $10,000 shares in kind

Capital Gain $9,000   


Taxable Portion of Gain (50% of gains) $4,500 $0
Income Tax on Gain ($45k x 49.53%) $2,228.85 $0
Donation Receipt $10,000 $10,000
Donation Tax Credit ($10k x 49.53%) $4,953 $4,953
Net Tax Savings (Tax CR-Tax on Gain)              $2,724.15 $4,953
After Tax Cost                         $7,275.85


We recommend that you seek professional advice from your lawyer, accountant, or financial planner to determine the method of giving that will be the most tax effective for you.

For more information on donating stocks and shares, please contact MSF Canada’s Planned Giving Coordinator

Rhona Rahmani by email at Rhona.Rahmani@msf.ca or by phone at 416 964-0619 ext. 3630