14 Jul 15 23 Jan 18

An urgent appeal to Canadians about the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement and its impact on access to medicines

Canada: Time is running out for access to essential medicines. Sign our TPP petition! 

Have you heard of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement? As it stands today, the TPP is slated to become the most harmful trade agreement ever for access to medicines.

The TPP could impose new rules that will extend monopoly protections for pharmaceutical companies, keeping prices sky-high for longer and blocking less expensive generic drugs that are vital to global health from entering the market.

As a medical humanitarian organization working in nearly 70 countries, MSF is concerned about the impact the deal will have on public health in developing countries where the organization works, and beyond. MSF urges the U.S. government to withdraw -- and other TPP negotiating countries such as Canada to reject -- rules that threaten to dismantle internationally-agreed public health safeguards and restrict access to medicines in developing countries.


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