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Welcome to the latest edition of Dispatches, the Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Canada magazine. 

Every year, close to half a million people flee their homes in Central America to escape levels of violence similar to what MSF sees in the world’s worst conflict zones. Their journeys to find safety often take them north, where the migration routes through Mexico are controlled by predatory criminal organizations who use violence, torture and extortion to exploit the vulnerability of people who have left everything behind.  

In this issue of Dispatches, the MSF Canada magazine, we look at MSF’s efforts to provide care to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers travelling through Mexico, and to people in Central America affected by violence and neglect.   

MSF Canada executive director Joe Belliveau recently visited some of MSF's medical and mental health projects along the Mexican migration route and in Central America. "The people fleeing violence in Central America are deeply vulnerable and in need of urgent humanitarian assistance," he writes in his introduction to the magazine. "That is why MSF is present along the Mexican migration routes and in parts of the Northern Triangle, providing medical and psychological care to people who have nowhere else to turn, and who desperately need our help."

To read the Summer 2019 issue of Dispatches, follow the story links below. 

Dispatches is MSF Canada's official magazine. In it, we bring you stories and updates about MSF's lifesaving work, as seen through the eyes of our staff, our patients and our donors — and especially from the perspective of the many Canadians working on the ground with MSF around the world. If you are interested in having Dispatches delivered directly to your inbox, please email dispatches@msf.ca. You can also read or download the print magazine as a PDF.

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