National Speakers' Bureau - Speaker Request Form

Thank you for your interest in Doctors Without Borders' Speakers' Bureau. We are delighted at the increased interest in our relief efforts, and we regret that our pool of volunteer doctors, nurses, and administrators is not large enough to fulfill all speaker requests, so we ask you to read through the guidelines below before requesting a speaker.

  • We request a minimum of 50 people in attendance for events. Speaker requests will be considered on an individual basis, with special consideration for events focusing on public health, health and human rights, and international health.

  • Our volunteers are involved in various projects around the world on an ongoing basis and are often out of the country on short notice. It can therefore be difficult for them to commit far in advance to an event at a particular time and place here in Canada. Therefore, in most circumstances, we will not be able to confirm speakers until eight or six weeks before the event you are planning.Requests  should ideally be made 8 to 10 weeks in advance of the event, but at the very least with 5 weeks notice.

  • The Speakers' Bureau will contact you within 10 working days of your request.  This contact will seek clarifications, if required, and confirm whether or not your request has been judged appropriate.  If so, efforts will be made to identify a speaker, though finding one is not guaranteed.

  • A donation is not mandatory to have a speaker, however, we welcome donations to Doctors Without Borders.

  • Should the proposed date for the event specified below change - or should you decide to cancel the event, you are kindly asked to inform us by email.