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Friends of MSF

Are you a student? Become part of your University’s Friends of MSF group and support our work around the world!


Friends of MSF (FoMSF) are student societies from various Canadian universities.

They are the official student support organization for MSF. Joining is a great way to get involved in MSF's work, 

to meet new people and help save lives around the world by raising money and awareness. 

While the Friends of MSF groups are recognized supporters of MSF Canada, they operate independent of the day-to-day operations of MSF Canada and do not directly represent MSF Canada.  

Goals of FoMSF Groups:

 (1) Raising awareness for MSF

Friends of MSF engage in various awareness activities throughout the school year including, campaigns, petitions, workshops, movie screenings, and speaker nights with individuals who have worked with MSF in the field.

(2) Fundraising for MSF

Friends of MSF organize a number of fundraising activities to raise money to support MSF’s work around the world.  

(3) Encouraging others to consider work with MSF

Although students cannot work with MSF's overseas projects, Friends of MSF groups strive to make students aware of future opportunities with MSF in the hopes that they will consider working with MSF later in their professional careers. They provide information on MSF, the nature of work, and emphasize that professionals from a wide range of medical and non-medical professions are needed.

What if your University doesn’t have a FoMSF group?

If your university doesn't already have a FoMSF group you can set one up yourself.

Students should be aware that in order to create a FoMSF group, your university must have a medical faculty or a nursing school.

Groups should also involve other faculties - other than the medical and nursing school – such as engineering, social sciences, political sciences, international relations, psychology, etc…

For further information on how to proceed please contact the National Association Coordinator, Jetske Duintjer.

Friends of MSF Groups in Canada