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07 Oct 19 29 Mar 20

Johnson & Johnson, make bedaquiline $1 a day!

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is asking Johnson & Johnson (J&J) to lower the price of the lifesaving drug bedaquiline to $1/day. There’s no time to lose.​

Bedaquiline can save the lives and alleviate the suffering of patients with drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB). But J&J is charging a price that people in many of the countries most-affected by the global TB epidemic cannot pay.

Imagine: Each day you wake up sweating with fear. Your world is dark and totally silent. Ahead lies the frightening pain of a daily injection. Each day. Every day. With no guarantees you will get through it all and recover your health again.  

This is the harrowing reality for many people living with drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB), who must endure antiquated treatments with toxic side effects such as deafness, blindness and psychosis - and still many of them will not survive. Today, this curable disease remains a death sentence for around half of those people receiving treatment.  

Now there is fresh hope: A new breakthrough drug called bedaquiline.  

But the high price of bedaquiline that is charged by pharmaceutical corporation Johnson & Johnson is keeping it out of the hands of people who need it.   

After years of negotiating with the company, we are ramping up the pressure through protests around the world, demanding Johnson & Johnson reduce the price of the drug by the time the world’s biggest TB conference takes place in India at the end of this month. To make this happen, we need your help NOW.  

We need you to join our online petition. Sign up now! 

#NoMoreTears through the MSF Chilli Challenge! 

We are turning up the heat on J&J with our spicy Chilli Pepper Eating Challenge, calling on the corporation to drop the price of TB drug bedaquiline to a dollar a day. We are challenging ourselves to eat whole chillies without crying -- “no tears” – and as we do so, we will demand that Johnson & Johnson stop putting profits over people’s lives.

Help us and join the challenge: 

  • Introduce yourself on video, explain that you’re doing this challenge to protest Johnson & Johnson’s high pricing of a lifesaving TB drug
  • Film yourself eating the chilli 
  • Nominate a friend to do the challenge next
  • Upload the video to social media using the hashtag #NoMoreTears.

Here's an example: