22 Nov 13 19 May 22

Our Team

Board of Directors

  • Ruby Gill: President
  • Idriss Lomba: Interim Vice President
  • Andrew Zadel: Secretary, on temporary leave
  • Ian Adair: Treasurer
  • James Madhier
  • Birinder Singh: Interim Secretary
  • Firas Khalid
  • Kevin Coppock
  • Simisola Johnson
  • Sabrina Feldman: Co-opted Legal Advisor

Association Coordination

  • Jetske Duintjer: National Association Coordinator 
  • Joshua Morgan: Association Outreach Coordinator

Executive Director's Office

  • Joseph Belliveau: Executive Director 
  • Sarah Lamb: Deputy Director
  • Sheana Correia: Executive Coordinator
  • Melissa Merkley: Project Portfolio Lead
  • Christian Captier: SIMM Project Manager
  • Aya Hammoud: SIMM Information Officer
  • Emmanuel Guillaud : Head of TIC
  • Rekha Sadavisan : TIC Projecy Manager
  • Carly Richards : TIC Coordinator

Humanitarian Affairs

  • Carol Devine: Humanitarian Affairs Advisor
  • Jason Nickerson: Humanitarian Representative to Canada
  • Michael Lawson: Humanitarian Affairs Officer
  • Noemie Legendre: Grant Management Officer
  • Adam Houston: Medical Policy and Advocacy Officer


  • Aanjalie Roane: Director of Communications
  • Sophie Labat: Bilingual Press Officer
  • Naomi Sutorius-Lavoie: Press Officer
  • Linda Nagy: Communications Officer (Publications)
  • Cynthia D'Cruz: Public Engagement Officer
Digital Unit
  • Angie Caunce: Digital Unit Manager (Interim)
  • Jessica Urdrangarin: Digital Unit Manager (Parental Leave)
  • Josh Rodriguez: Digital Communications Coordinator
  • Arndell LeBlanc: Digital Audio-Visual Communications Officer
  • Emily Westover: Digital Fundraising Officer
  • Manpreet Badyal: Digital Marketing Officer
  • Thara Withanathanthri: Web Developer

Finance and Administration

  • Hosanna Aughtry: Director of Finance and Admin
  • Fazal Karim: Finance and Administration Manager
  • Karima Akrami: Payroll and Finance Administration
  • Vesna Babic: Accounts Payable Administrator
  • Katelin Butler: Accounting Officer
  • Marie-Camille Cauthier Lessard: Office Administration Coordinator

Information Technology (IT)

  • Brenden Chung: Database Administrator
  • Kevin Thibbles: IT Support Specialist


  • Jasmina Graho: Director of Fundraising
  • Kimberly Gadwah: Senior Manager of Philanthropy
  • Fiona James-Dambrosio: Senior Manager of Direct Marketing and Donor Engagement
  • Cameron Becker: Manager, Strategic Donors
  • Matthew James: Loyalty Manager
  • Agustina Capibo: Business Intelligence
  • Janet Hay LeBlanc: Manager, Foundations and Corporate Parnerships
  • Alexandra Mateer: Foundations Officer
  • Sahar Ziaey: Corporate Partnerships Officer
  • Leila Kent: Foundations and Corporate Partnerships Coordinator
  • Rhona Rahmani: Planned Giving Officer
  • Charlotte Cote-Lebofksy: Planned Giving Coordinator
  • Keshab Basnet: Prospect Reseacher
  • Tricia Khan: Donor Engagement Officer
  • Gweneth Thirlwell: Donor Engagement Officer
  • Anam Ansari: Donor Engagement Officer
  • Katherine Haworth: Development Officer, Strategic Partnerships
  • Jessica Myers: Annual Giving Coordinator
  • Puja Aghi: Community Fundraising Coordinator
  • Vivienne Chartrand: Monthly Giving Officer
  • Steven Tseng: Face to Face Coordinator
  • Alexis Moyle: Donor Care Coordinator
  • Jessica London: Planned Giving Administrator
  • Therese Santos: Fundraising Database Coordinator
  • Carolyn Tso, Strategic Partners Coordinator
  • Abdel-Ganiy Igue: Donor Care Representative
  • Jessica London: Donor Care Representative
  • Berthie Lebrun: Donor Care Representative
  • Larissa Zajac-Elzinga: Donor Care Representative
  • Wendy Kim: Donor Care Representative
  • Erin Boyne: Donor Care Representative

Human Resources 

  • Christophe Lefebvre: Director of Human Resources
  • Christiane Essombe: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Officer
  • Kathy Mahinpou: HQ HR Manager
  • Susan St Marseille: HQ HR Officer
  • Albert Phan: HR Shared Services Administrator
  • Andrea Siemens: Talent Acquisition Partner
  • Fethi Salah: Project Manager - HRIS Implementation
  • Afnan Saeed: HR Shared Services Manager
  • Yora Soni: HQ HR Intern
  • Owen Campbell: Field HR Manager (Recruitment)
  • Marilyne Bouchard: FIeld Recruitment Officer
  • Marc Beaudet: Field  Recruitment Officer
  • Francis Pineault: Recruitment Officer
  • Li Jing Huang: Field FR Intern (Recruitment)
  • Sebastien Gaudette: Field HR Manager (Placement)
  • Tahina Torres: Field HR Officer
  • Chris Dang Vu: Field HR Officer
  • Maher Najari: Field HR Officer
  • Joel Teutrie: Field HR Officer
  • Emilie Rignol: Field HR Officer (on leave)
  • Swapnaj Dutta: Field HR Administrator (Placement)
  • Gail Toca: Field HR Administrator (Placement)
  • Aissatou Ndoye: Field Recruitment Intern

Psychosocial Care Unit:

  • Juliet Donald: Psychosocial Care Unit Manager
  • Richard Zereik: Psychosocial Focal Point - Bilingual

Program Unit 

  • Clara Mazon: Director of Telemedicine Services
  • Dr. Said Fliti: Telemedicine Medical Operations Manager
  • Amrit Singh: Telemedicine Services Manager (interim)
  • Sevan Boudakian: Telemedicine Project Manager
  • Alice Gameline-Lazure: Telemedicine Services Coordinator
  • Kim Parry: Telemedicine Services Coordinator
  • Natalie Hackett: Telemedicine Services Coordinator
  • Dr. Charles Murhula: Telemedicine Services Implementor (West and Central Africa)
  • Muhannad alHasan: Telemedicine Services Implementor (Middle East)
  • Chima Uka: Business Analyst
  • Dr. Ahmed Igbin: TIC Project Manager – Telemedicine
  • Dr. Sophie Delaigue: Specialists Coordinator
  • Daniel Martinez, Coordinator: Clinical Case Coordinator
  • Dr. Adi Nadimpalli: Clinical Case Coordinator
  • Dr. Ahmed Igbin: Clinical Case Coordinator
  • Dr. Charles Murhula: Clinical Case Coordinator
  • Dr. Jaap Karsten: Clinical Case Coordinator
  • Dr. Laura Cremonini: Clinical Case Coordinator
  • Dr. Lindsay Osei: Clinical Case Coordinator
  • Dr. Nilza Angmo: Clinical Case Coordinator
  • Dr. Serge Kabore: Clinical Case Coordinator
  • Dr. Sophie Delaigue: Clinical Case Coordinator
  • Dr. Teresa Gadsden: Clinical Case Coordinator
  • Dr. Tim Jagatic: Clinical Case Coordinator