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Request an MSF Speaker

National Speaker's Bureau - Speaker Request Form

Fill out the form below to request MSF Canada speakers for external events at your organization.

Thank you for your interest in Doctors Without Borders' Speakers' Bureau. Please read through the following information carefully:

***At this time, MSF Canada's Speakers Bureau is fulfilling requests for both online and in-person events. Acceptance of an in-person request is predicated on compliance with applicable laws and regional health regulations. Any in-person event organizer must develop, share and abide by COVID-19 protocols that ensure the safety of the event attendees and our speaker.***

We require a minimum of 50 people in attendance for events. Speaker requests will be considered on an individual basis, with special consideration given to events focusing on public and international health, humanitarian affairs & advocacy, and other topics related to the profiles of our volunteers (water and sanitation, human resources, logistics and finance, among others).

Our volunteers are involved in projects around the world and are often in-and-out of the country on short notice. It can, therefore, be difficult for them to commit far in advance to an event. In most circumstances, we will only be able to confirm a speaker up to 2 months prior to the date of your event. With that said, requests should be submitted 1-2 months before the day of the event. Due to volume, requests made less than a month before your event may not be possible to fulfill, and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The Speakers' Bureau will contact you within 10 working days of your request to seek clarifications, if required, and confirm whether your request has been deemed appropriate. If so, efforts will be made to identify a speaker, though finding one is not guaranteed.

Requesting an MSF speaker is free; however, we highly encourage donations to MSF Canada by those who have the financial ability to do so.

Should the proposed date, or any other key information for your event, change - or should you decide to cancel the event, you are kindly asked to inform us by emailing us at asso.outreach@toronto.msf.org.