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2021: A year of medical humanitarian work in photos

In 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic continued unabated around the world, as did the work our teams undertook to respond to it. But the pandemic took a backseat in many countries, as other crises and needs overtook the concerns of the people we assist.

Our teams responded to crises of conflict and displacement. We cared for people with malnutrition and malaria. We supported people who were subjected to sexual violence and rescued those who were in danger crossing the Mediterranean Sea. We saw consequences of the climate emergency.

This collection of images, taken between November 2020 and December 2021, was chosen from among an estimated 8,000, from among the around 75 countries we work in. In these images, staff and professional photographers from around the world have captured just some of the stories of people and patients, and our work with them, bearing witness to an essential humanitarian need – access to medical care.

Haiti: At Hôpital Immaculée Conception in Les Cayes, MSF staff provide physiotherapy for patients injured in the earthquake, helping people regain strength and mobility.

Madagascar: People are facing the most acute nutritional and food crisis the region has seen in recent years. MSF is providing ready-to-use therapeutic food and medical care.

Central Mediterranean Sea: In November, 99 survivors were rescued by the Geo Barents at approx. 30 miles from the Libyan shores. At the bottom of the overcrowded wooden boat, 10 people were found dead.

Gaza: MSF provided medical care on the Gaza Strip in 2021.

Yemen: A happy father, Wael Abdul Jabbar Mahyub, lovingly holding his twin daughters Heba and Malath who are under treatment at special care baby unit supported by MSF at Al Jamhouri hospital in Taiz City.

Jerusalem: In May, MSF started supporting the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) in Jerusalem.

Central African Republic: MSF medical staff with a patient at the MSF’s SICA Hospital.

Italy:Even in winter, migrants head westwards across the snow-capped mountains towards France. MSF supports essential needs.

Lebanon: A woman is being vaccinated against COVID-19 by a member of MSF’s mobile vaccination team.

Sudan: This baby was born prematurely, weighing only 1.2 kg. His mother gave birth at MSF’s maternity clinic in Al-Tanideba camp.

Sierra Leone: MSF logistics supervisor Mohammed Korma stands amid the solar panels that MSF has installed in Kenema district.

Sudan: A MSF team comprising of medical assistants, a nurse, a nursing activity manager and project coordinator travel from Koya to Dilli, Jebel Marra region, South Darfur.

USA: On November 10, MSF held a demonstration in front of the White House calling on the Biden administration to do more to ensure global vaccine equity.

CAR: MSF convoy crosses the river on the way back to Bangassou to support patients in July.

India: MSF staff in an Auto-Rikshaw (tuktuk) visiting lanes in Mumbai to generate COVID-19 awareness.

Bangladesh: Fire destroyed thousands of shelters in several of the camps for Rohingya refugees. There are currently around 860,000 Rohingya refugees and living conditions for them deteriorating due to several factors, including COVID-19 measures.

DRC: The patient is pregnant and about to give birth but the midwives in the MSF-supported Ndu health centre identified some complications that cannot be managed from the health centre and are taking her to the MSF-supported hospital in Bangassou.

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