(L) Titie Tshikanda, Educational Counselor and (R) Dr. Gisele Mucinya, Medical Officer exchange with patients during a sensitization campaign that provides public awareness to patients living with HIV while providing different strategies for community-based care and detailed treatment for HIV/AIDS, STIs, and TB that encourage more patients to be on treatment earlier or adhere to treatment in the long-term.


While Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is a neutral and impartial organization, we do speak out about the conditions we see through our work delivering emergency humanitarian medical assistance. We advocate with and for our patients and the communities we work with, driven by our core belief that everyone has the right to access critical healthcare no matter who they are or where they live.

In Canada, MSF identifies specific areas where Canadian policymakers, donors, agencies and others can help meaningfully address some of the obstacles that prevent people affected by conflict and crisis around the world from receiving the care they need – and we push for them to take action.

Advocacy issues

See some of the main areas where MSF believes action can make a difference and help deliver essential medical care.

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Our advocacy blog features reflections and analysis on current medical and humanitarian issues.

MSF health promoter Lambert leads a training session for the community health site management committee (COGESITE) in the Pajen displaced people site – Angumu health zone

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Information and analysis on key MSF advocacy priorities in Canada and globally through links, documents and other reference materials.