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Take Action

Raise Awareness

There are many ways in which you can raise awareness about humanitarian issues or forgotten crisis situations. You can write an article for your school newspaper, for example, prepare a presentation for your class or create an art project about an issue you feel passionate about.

Let us know what ideas you have come up with – send us a few lines and photos of your project and we will showcase it on our website: schools@toronto.msf.org

If you want to stand in solidarity with doctors, patients and other civilians who are deliberately targeted in conflicts, download a pictogram from our #NotATarget page and post a photo of yourself with the hashtag #NotATarget on Instagram, twitter, snapchat or Facebook.


Edmonton students raise more than $ 560,000 for Doctors Without Borders!

  • Read more about the amazing Beyond Borders fundraising campaign, organized by students of Strathcona high school in Edmonton, Alberta in March 2019.

Grade 12 students in Guelph, Ontario raise funds and awareness 


Nine-year-old Aiden Ospina goes the distance to help MSF patients

Aiden Ospina, from Brampton, Ontario, was inspired to participate in MSF Canada's Walk Without Borders 2015 Challenge after he read about the difficult journey of two MSF patients seeking medical care.

When Aiden Ospina decided he wanted to help people elsewhere in the world, he started by participating in MSF Canada's Walk Without Borders Challenge — and walked for a total of 240 kilometres in solidarity with two MSF patients from South Sudan.


The student-run Music Without Borders project helps MSF in the fight against Ebola

A group of young musicians, artists, writers and other creative students pools its talents to help raise funds for MSF's work in West Africa.


A grade 6 class learns how Doctors Without Borders delivers healthcare to those in need

  • Read more about the educational activity at Halton Hills Christian School in Georgetown, Ontario 


For her 10th birthday, Anika Nielsen from Frankford, Ontario asked her friends for donations for MSF instead of gifts and sent us this lovely letter with a cheque.

“I have everything I need and I wanted to help others,” Anika told us.


Students at W. H. Morden Public School in Oakville, Ontario organized a fundraising concert in support of Doctors Without Borders

“I believe that there lies great importance in contributing to the international community because it is vital to the unity of humanity.” says Sara Zia, a grade 8 student form W.H. Morden.

“I wanted to be able to do my part as a citizen of the world.” says Muhadisa Ali, a grade 8 student form W.H. Morden.