On 16 May 2023, following an alert from the Alarm Phone - a hotline for boatpeople in distress - Geo Barents rescued 26 people in distress on an unseaworthy boat located in international waters off Libya. Among them were one pregnant woman and eight children.

MSF on EU Pact on Migration and Asylum: “Europe’s borders should not be gateways to suffering and violence”

“Europe’s borders should not be gateways to suffering and violence.”

“Amidst major global international shifts, such as conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine and climate change, it’s time for European policies that saves lives, not sacrifice them. The right to seek asylum, born from the atrocities of World War II, stands as a cornerstone of European laws and values. Yet today, there is a distressing trend among European leaders to unravel this fundamental principle, undermining a legacy built on human rights. Our MSF teams across Greece, Italy, France, Libya, and the Mediterranean have witnessed the devastating effects on people’s lives and health, and the diminishing asylum rights in Europe. This alarming shift is utterly unacceptable and deeply troubling, especially as it aligns with an increasing normalisation of violence at the borders. It is imperative that European leaders reassess their choices and reassure European citizens that the well-being and dignity of all individuals is placed at the forefront of their policies.”