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Volunteer in Canada

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer for Doctors Without Borders Canada in either our Toronto or Montreal Office.

Volunteers are an important part of Doctors Without Borders Canada and we greatly benefit from a strong and dedicated team of volunteers. Our volunteers support our staff in positions which often involve administrative work, although we do our best to match our volunteers’ interests, skills, and experience with the appropriate tasks and Departments. Doctors Without Borders values a diverse workforce and we welcome Applications from all those interested in volunteering their time.

Physician List

MSF Canada takes the healthcare of its field staff very seriously. Before each first departure, and annually thereafter, field staff are required to undergo a medical exam. Upon their return from the field, staff members are also provided with healthcare coverage for medical follow up. Due to the emergency nature of our work, field staff may require access to medical care on short notice. We maintain a Physician Referral Network to link staff with physicians who are available to see them on a short-term basis. If you are a registered physician and interested in being part of the network, please reach out to PSCU.Canada@Toronto.msf.org.

External Referral Network

As part of MSF Canada’s ongoing commitment to staff health, the Psychosocial Care Unit (PSCU) maintains an active External Referral Network of registered mental healthcare professionals across Canada. Members of this network provide psychological support to field and HQ staff upon request. These clinicians understand the realities of field work and the contexts in which MSF works.

If you are a registered mental health professional and interested in learning more about being part of the network, please reach out to the Psychosocial Care Unit at PSCU.Canada@Toronto.msf.org.

Doctors Without Borders Board Volunteers

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.   

We thank you kindly for your interest and willingness to support Doctors Without Borders Canada.