treatment literacy activities with patient at kabuguria dispensary.

Host a fundraiser 

Your support makes our work possible!

You don’t need to be a professional event planner to fundraise for Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and it doesn’t need to be anything complicated – your fundraiser can be as simple as asking people to donate to MSF for an activity you undertake. But if you do want to go big (and you feel ambitious!), you could put on a gala event. You choose and control the type, scale and complexity of your event, in line with your skills, interests and what is doable for you. 

One of the many ways people help MSF is by holding a fundraiser that invites friends, family and communities to show their support. It can be a fun, creative way to give and it’s a wonderful way to introduce people to the work MSF does. 

With over 90 per cent of our funding coming from private individuals like you, we greatly appreciate the initiative, time and effort it takes to plan and host a fundraiser. Thank you for joining our global movement of compassionate people committed to the work of MSF, and for taking action to help us meet the needs of our patients.

Fundraising ideas

There are many different ways you can help:

Health promoters participated in meetings at the association of indigenous artisans to give guidance on prevention and social distancing measures in the Baniwa, Nheengatu, Tukano and Portuguese languages.

Host An Online Fundraiser

You don’t need to leave home to fundraise for MSF. Create something online that people can respond to, with the potential to reach a broad, geographically diverse group of supporters.

Host an in-person event

Gather people locally and support MSF with an in-person event! It could be something active where you participate together or play a sport, curate an afternoon or evening of arts and entertainment or go big and bold with a theme party or gala.

The emergency logistics team during a meeting at MSF’s warehouse in the tent city camp in district Keamari, Karachi division.

Fundraise by streaming

Inspire your viewers to raise awareness and funds for our emergency medical work by streaming your next game on the MSF Canada Tiltify page.

Tools to help you support MSF


Have a question?

Get in touch for a fundraising toolkit & other resources. Please share your name, and details of fundraiser when contacting.

Donor support & FAQs

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