Livestream Fundraising

Whether you enjoy playing video games, creating fitness challenges, or showing off your baking skills, you can make a global impact for Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) by starting a fundraiser through streaming!

Getting started

FAQs about livestream fundraising for MSF

Interested in supporting Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) by hosting a streaming event? We’ve got you covered! Schedule a streaming event wherever you want, whenever you want, for as long as you want. 

You – and your love of streaming – will help MSF continue delivering vital medical care to people who need it most in more than 70 countries.

1. How do I set up my live stream? 

Twitch, YouTube, Mixer or Facebook all offer livestreaming services.  

Each of these platforms have straightforward guides on how to get started. If you’re new to streaming, try Twitch Studio. Their program offers basic options for streaming. If you wish to have a wider range of options and features, visit other advanced programs such as Streamlabs.  

You must be at least 13 years old to stream on Twitch. 

2. Where does the fundraiser part come into play?  

You can set up a campaign on the fundraising platform Tiltify. This platform enables you to receive and track donations during your streaming event and encourages viewers to participate with extra incentives and challenges.  

To learn how to set up your fundraiser on Tiltify, visit their set-up guide. 

Once you start a new streaming campaign, you can include a streaming service ID that will embed your stream in your fundraising campaign. Let your family and friends know you’ll be playing for a great cause and encourage them to support you.  

Donations can be made directly through your fundraising page, and all the funds will go straight to MSF. Donations are tax-deductible.

3. What if I receive cash donations?  

You just need to convert the cash to a cheque or money order, payable to MSF. We

provide tax receipts to all those who donated to your fundraising if details for each donor are provided – this includes full name, postal or email address and phone number.  

All cheques should be payable to “Doctors Without Borders Canada” and mailed to the following address:

ATTN: Community Fundraising 

Doctors Without Borders Canada 

551 Adelaide Street West 

Toronto, ON M5V 0N8 

4. I organized an event. Can I have a tax receipt for all the funds collected?  

MSF can issue donation tax receipts to people or companies if the donation is made from their own income. If you collect money from other individuals and then forward it to MSF, CRA guidelines state you are not eligible for a receipt for all the funds collected. We can issue a charitable tax receipt to the donors who made a personal donation from their own income at your event. We do need donor details to provide them with the receipt. This includes full name, postal or email address and phone number.

5. Can I play any games?  

When supporting MSF, please remember you are representing and affiliating yourself with a global medical humanitarian organization. Therefore, we kindly ask you to follow a few simple rules:  

  • MSF requires all fundraisers and streams related to video games do not dilute or harm MSF’s brand and reputation. We ask you to take into consideration our principles as a humanitarian organization. 
  • MSF will not consider fundraising activities from video games rated “Adults Only” by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB). 
  • Campaigns that feature media other than games will be evaluated on similar criteria. 
  • Streams for MSF are prohibited from including: 
    • Content that is racist, misogynistic, discriminatory or explicitly sexual 
    • The display or use of illegal substances or paraphernalia 
    • The intoxication of streamers during the stream 

If you have any questions about whether or not a specific game or content is appropriate, please reach out to for more information.  

Any violation will result in the removal of affiliation with MSF. We appreciate your adherence to these guidelines. 

6. Okay, but what do I do while I livestream?  

First and foremost: Show off your video gaming skills and have fun. You’re playing a game you love while helping MSF provide emergency medical care to people caught in crisis. That’s a double win. 

If you want, you can talk about your strategy to win the game or why you support MSF. Pretty much anything goes, except… 

7. But what should I not do while I livestream?  

While you’re streaming, please avoid any profanity and don’t use any sexually explicit, bigoted or misogynistic language or behaviour.  

Streaming while intoxicated or engaging in any illegal activities will result in your fundraiser being shut down.

8. I still have questions.  

No problem. Send us an email at and we’ll do everything we can to get you the answers you need. 


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Why support MSF

Thousands of Canadians generously support MSF, sharing our values and our commitment to assist people facing crises around the world. We are also committed to working as efficiently as possible and maintaining transparency about how we spend the money you donate for medical humanitarian care.

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