Northern Gaza: MSF surgeon injured in Al-Awda hospital

Earlier today, an MSF surgeon was injured inside Al-Awda hospital in north Gaza by a shot fired from outside the facility. Our colleagues report snipers surrounding the hospital, firing on those inside. Al-Awda has been under total siege by Israeli forces since 5 December.

“Reports coming out of Al-Awda hospital are harrowing and we are gravely worried for safety of patients and staff inside”

Renzo Fricke, MSF head of mission

“Let us be clear: Al Awda is a functioning hospital with medical staff and many patients in vulnerable condition. Targeting medical workers as they care for their patients is utterly reprehensible, utterly inhumane”.

Al-Awda hospital has been under attack since October 7. These attacks have killed at least 5 hospital staff, including two MSF doctors while they were caring for their patients.

The hospital building has also sustained substantial damage in the bombing and fighting, along many other hospitals in the north of the Strip, and supplies are running low, further compromising the doctors’ capacity to treat patients.